Do You Want to Develop Body Awareness, Creativity and Consciousness That Support Your Personal Performance and Leadership?


It’s personal.


People train with me when they want the presence of mind to perform at a high level in any situation. I help people develop a conscious, constructive “performance plan” for…

  • speaking up

  • effective communication

  • pitching

  • resilience and growth mindset

  • supportive self-talk and personal mental models

  • fast-paced attention switching

  • difficult conversations

  • important decisions

  • co-founder discussions

  • redirecting overwhelm and mental chatter

  • reducing physical pain


Katie is an acute listener - even in a casual environment. Her work with founders is substantive and effective in surfacing their unspoken or unconsciousness assumptions and then helping them design experiments to test, measure and iterate next steps that will advance their work. Her commitment to business is rooted in activating people and their potential with kindness, compassion and with just enough candor.
— Dave Parker, 5X founder, entrepreneur and professional board member for Tech growth companies
Katie is a great executive coach, always asking insightful questions that get to the core of what it means to be a good founder while being an authentic, whole person along the way. What are the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals? Are you moving away from something, rather than moving toward the important thing? She’s excellent at reframing problems to get to what’s relevant and meaningful, and has a knack for keeping you honest with yourself and playing to your strengths.
— Ed McKenzie, Co-Founder and CTO, Drift (Fast Company Most Innovative Company 2018)
[Katie] was one of the highlights of our program. The tools she provided to our teams were invaluable and delivered clear, immediate value.
— Holly Knowlman Founder and Editor, Stupid Magazine & Project Lead, LEANARTS
WalkingKata with Katie to talk about my business, my hopes and dreams and future plans has been such a blessing. I know I can trust her, she listens and her coaching is spot on. She takes from her own experience of being an entrepreneur, her knowledge of the corporate world and her passion for my overall health and wellbeing. I am grateful!
— Senator Mona Das, WA State
WalkingKata with Katie Chase has been instrumental in the expansion of Founders LIVE, specifically the attention to strategic thinking and problem solving towards my personal and professional goals. The outdoor/movement aspect is especially effective, providing comfortable space for the two of us to openly discuss topics that would be more difficult in seated environments. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for just the right nudge.
— Nick Hughes, Founder, Founders Live
In just a short group training session with Katie, I learned some great tips for preparing to go on stage. She taught us techniques for finding our internal center and bringing that calm focus with us to our presentations.
— Liz Pearce, Co-Founder and CEO, Fresh Chalk and former CEO, LiquidPlanner
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Executive Coaching

The signature work of WalkingKata is executive coaching to build mindsets and performance plans that work in collaboration with human interpersonal neurobiology — brain, mind, nervous system, intention and attention - so hopes and dreams turn into actionable, measurable goals.

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Training in communication skills, storytelling, interpersonal skills and strengths-based leadership can set you apart.


Bodywork &
Bodywork Training

Bodywork develops two-way communication — body to brain and vice versa — which can help develop self-awareness and an ability to count on yourself when it really matters. Great for those who need the wherewithal to vision and lead their business or art. Open to all.

Bodywork training in Zero Balancing is for licensed professionals.



Topic- and project-based collaboration with teams and companies, usually early stage startups, who are building operations plans and want to build a systems view right from the beginning.