Working with Creatives & Leaders to Build Skills in Self-Inquiry, Mindfulness and Experimentation That Yield Results.

WalkingKata, LLC

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working with creatives and executives to build Skills that yield results.

Training Mindfulness|Mindset|Performance So You Can Respond, Lead, Move Through Life More Efficiently.


Do you struggle with demands on your
leadership and creativity?

Does the speed of decision-making feeling too fast or risky?

Are the people around you arguing, unproductive or reluctant to try new things?

Did a major decision flop?

Is it time to revamp yourself so you can get more out of yourself sustainably?

Do you need time to think so you
can get more done?

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about Katie


Katie Chase has been working to optimize performance since she started playing the violin at age 9. She delights in working with creatives and leaders who want to get more out of themselves by playing with the process, mindset and experimentation inherent in learning and growing. She believes if we learn to treat ourselves and each other consciously and constructively within the context of business we can then change the world.

She earned a Bachelor of Music in Performance from internationally renowned Oberlin Conservatory of Music, a degree in clinical massage therapy so she could understand the body, and an MBA that complements her 15 years as an entrepreneur, founder and leader in startups. She’s a high-performance coach and strategist, student of neuroscience and seven languages, world traveler, and long-distance walker — all of which support her daily work with creatives and leaders who want the skills to learn, love and lead in 3D.


What People Are Saying 

Katie is a great executive coach, always asking insightful questions that get to the core of what it means to be a good founder while being an authentic, whole person along the way. What are the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals? Are you moving away from something, rather than moving toward the important thing? She’s excellent at reframing problems to get to what’s relevant and meaningful, and has a knack for keeping you honest with yourself and playing to your strengths.
— E.M. Co-Founder, VC-backed Startup
WalkingKata with Katie to talk about my business, my hopes and dreams and future plans has been such a blessing. I know I can trust her, she listens and her coaching is spot on. She takes from her own experience of being an entrepreneur, her knowledge of the corporate world and her passion for my overall health and wellbeing. I am grateful!
— Mona Das, Entrepreneur and WA State Senator
WalkingKata with Katie Chase has been instrumental in the expansion of Founders LIVE, specifically the attention to strategic thinking and problem solving towards my personal and professional goals. The outdoor/movement aspect is especially effective, providing comfortable space for the two of us to openly discuss topics that would be more difficult in seated environments. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for just the right nudge.
— -Nick Hughes, Founder, Founders LIVE
[Katie] was one of the highlights of our program. The tools she provided to our teams were invaluable and delivered clear, immediate value.
— Holly Knowlman Founder and Editor, Stupid Magazine & Project Lead, LEANARTS