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Executive Coaching while walking

managing yourself and other whole people


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embodied cognition coaching
conscious constructive thinking
executing a plan
working efficiently (aka ergonomics)
Zero balancing acupressure
bodywork for musicians

Katie is a great executive coach, always asking insightful questions that get to the core of what it means to be a good founder while being an authentic, whole person along the way. What are the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals? Are you moving away from something, rather than moving toward the important thing? She’s excellent at reframing problems to get to what’s relevant and meaningful, and has a knack for keeping you honest with yourself and playing to your strengths.
— E.M.



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Katie and WalkingKata

Katie is an interdisciplinary educator and coach who believes the ability and willingness to treat oneself and others with conscious constructive kindness is central to creating a sustainable, just world. Those skills can be learned and, if applied within the intricately competing commitments of the workplace, affect the biggest driver of the human condition: business. With conscious thought and constructive language it’s possible to move from idea to execution in an efficient manner – from tying shoes to delivering a compelling pitch to having a difficult conversation. The tenets of her work draw deeply on two decades of study in anatomy & kinesiology, language, embodied cognition and business.

Katie earned an MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute and a Bachelor of Music in Performance from Oberlin Conservatory. She’s a life-long learner, performer and musician. She’s been a student of Alexander Technique since 2001, a licensed health practitioner and instructor of movement, anatomy and kinesiology since 2003, and a coach since 2008. She spent the last 12 years in program management, operations, business development and UX strategy with startup industry-leaders such as Techstars, Startup Weekend and multiple funded startups in Seattle; as the acting director of an incubator/accelerator at Oberlin College’s Creativity and Leadership program; and as the founder and head of Advanced Educators, an online marketplace for continuing education. 

In 2016 she took a sabbatical and completed a 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain via the Camino de Santiago. She then founded WalkingKata to train and coach those seeking efficiency and resilience in their business and leadership by using the principles core to her understanding of human design and desire. She enjoys 1:1 coaching with executives during walking sessions, and provides training and consulting. She’s frequently on the road and maintains a vibrant studio in Seattle, WA, which she calls home.

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