About Katie


I’m a consummate learner who loves to help people advance their skills and themselves. My work in operations, leadership and coaching draws on a lifetime in arts as a trained musician, 20 years in operations and entrepreneurship, and 16 years listening and framing healthcare as a clinical bodyworker and movement specialist.

For the last ten years I’ve been working in business and teaching/coaching performance skills that work in collaboration with our neurobiology so we can change business, and the world, for good.


I earned a performance degree from Oberlin College and then degrees in clinical massage therapy and sustainable business so I could better understand the human body and business at organizational levels.

Shortly after graduating from Oberlin I read Csikszentmihalyi's seminal work which lended words to why the pain and trauma of a brain injury sustained in a car accident during my senior year were so difficult: it had interrupted my ability to make music which was my access to Flow. That framed my next steps as a performer to building mental and physical models for resilience and mindfulness so flow could be a practice instead of just a lucky occurrence.

Previous work includes founder, regional program manager for Startup Weekend/Techstars, head of operations for several funded early-stage startups, acting director of creativity and leadership at Oberlin College and acting manager of communications for the Samueli Institute of Information Biology, the largest alt-medicine research firm in the country.

Send me a note, I’d love to hear from you.

Katie Chase, MBA, B.Music, LMT