About Katie


For almost 20 years Katie has worked with people who want to improve their performance — whether as an emotionally intelligent executive, dancer, parent, storyteller, singer or hiker — by training the body to interplay constructively with the mind and collaboratively get results via mindfulness and embodied cognition.

Katie earned an MBA and degree in clinical massage therapy to understand business and the human body at organizational levels and she delights in working with creatives, executives and leaders who want to actualize their vision by harnessing the incredible power of their collective intention, anatomy and embodied consciousness. She’s a founder, entrepreneur and formerly regional manager for Startup Weekend/Techstars, head of operations for several funded early-stage startup and Acting Director of Creativity and Leadership at Oberlin College and now founder, educator and coach with WalkingKata.

Katie started optimizing performance at age 9 when she picked up her first violin and carried that passion through a voice performance degree at Oberlin Conservatory where she was seriously injured as a passenger in a car accident. Shortly after graduation she read Csikszentmihalyi's seminal work which lended words to why overcoming the pain and trauma to make music was so compelling: it was her access to Flow. That new frame for attention and performance shifted her work to understanding and building mental and physical models for resilience and mindfulness so flow could be a practice instead of just a lucky occurrence. Her daily work and deepest belief is that conscious, constructive and embodied performance can change business, and the world, for good.

WalkingKata bridges those interconnected worlds by training mindfulness, embodied cognition, and expanded states of consciousness that facilitate break-through leadership and learning.