about Katie


Katie Chase is congenitally a performing musician, and a bodyworker, kinesiology and mindfulness teacher by training and licensure. She's spent the last twenty years in healthcare, startups and entrepreneurship and founded WalkingKata to bring those passions into one: being human, performance and leadership.

Katie started optimizing performance when she picked up a violin at age 9 and carried that passion through a vocal performance major at Oberlin Conservatory and a focus on lean/kata/kaizen operations in an MBA. She uses her human factors expertise to train the whole biopsychosocial leader to have a different experience of themselves and their potential via expanded states of consciousness and self-awareness.

She’s an entrepreneur and founder, formerly regional manager for Startup Weekend/Techstars, and head of operations for several funded early-stage startups. She earned a performance degree from Oberlin College Conservatory, and an MBA and degree in clinical massage therapy so she could understand both business and the human body at organizational levels. She’s studied seven languages and traversed Spain on foot for 500 solo miles via the UNESCO recognized Camino de Santiago — all of which support her daily work with creatives and leaders who want to learn, love and lead in 3D.