Katie Chase on The Law of Startups Podcast

It was a pleasure to chat with Joe Wallin and Mike Schneider on their Law of Startups podcast!

Link to the episode below —

The Law of Startups with Guest Katie Chase, Founder, WalkingKata
Episode #121
November 16, 2017 
with Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider

This week we chat with Katie Chase. Katie is long-time member of the Seattle startup community and currently the COO of Package Guard. After walking the Camino de Santiago last year (a 500 mile pilgrimage) in Spain, she combined her study and work of almost 20 years in performance and movement (Alexander Technique) with Executive Coaching and founded WalkingKata. By combining Leadership and Movement Coaching her belief is that self-awareness and noticing (mindfulness) can improve performance, stress, and building teams - the latter being one of the top reasons startups fail. It gets to the heart of finding and doing our right work. You'll find her online at walkingkata.com.