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Bringing Your Intention to Your Attention

Ah, the attention economy! I’m lucky to have your eyes right now and we’ll see if I can keep them through the 500ish words below and approximate 3 minutes it’s going to take you to read it. You (we all) are trained toward intangible rewards (feeling loved, success, fame!) and the engineering world has figured out how to tie those natural instincts to “gold stars” such as clicks, hearts, and likes. There’s a science to rewarding you so you stay entrained in the web of social media. (If you don’t believe me, or if I’ve lost you already, click here to learn more about the “race to the bottom of the brain stem.”).

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Your Mindset Would Benefit From Movement

A lot of heed is paid these days to growth versus fixed mindset. Most agree it’s a good idea. In case you’re getting up to speed with the lingo, fixed mindset could be explained as a belief “that your qualities are carved in stone - the fixed mindset - creates urgency to prove yourself over and over.”

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