Guide to Prepping for the Camino de Santiago

There is a mountain of prep that goes into a 500 mile walk I thought I would amortize the effort by creating an online guide others might find useful. From what movies to watch before you go to supplies you'll want, this is everything pertinent that helped me have a successful trip. I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. Buen Camino :) 

Katie Chase on The Law of Startups Podcast

It was a pleasure to chat with Joe Wallin and Mike Schneider on their Law of Startups podcast!

Link to the episode below —

The Law of Startups with Guest Katie Chase, Founder, WalkingKata
Episode #121
November 16, 2017 
with Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider

This week we chat with Katie Chase. Katie is long-time member of the Seattle startup community and currently the COO of Package Guard. After walking the Camino de Santiago last year (a 500 mile pilgrimage) in Spain, she combined her study and work of almost 20 years in performance and movement

The Value of Walking

The Value of Walking

When I checked into a Philadelphia hostel en route from Spain to emcee at Montreal’s Startup Fest the front desk staff asked if his transport directions from the airport had worked. “Yes,” I replied, “but I decided to get off at 30th Street so I could walk the rest of the way and see the city before it got dark.” “That’s 2 miles in 80 degree heat!” he exclaimed. Should this have been such a shocking act? I had just finished a 500-mile walk in mostly 80–90 degree weather several days prior and felt like the train moved too fast. Upon arrival I would likely set down my pack and go for a walk anyway so why not just walk there?

From Kata to Camino

From Kata to Camino

It’s time for my first blog… hopefully the beginning of something good including conversation and collaboration. I’ll start with a brief story -

Injuries from a serious car accident during undergrad music school temporarily cut off from singing, my joy and chosen profession. The accompanying acute>chronic pain, depression and loneliness re-calibrated life for me at young age. I learned bodywork techniques and practiced mindfulness to get my life back, and went into healthcare ...