Bodywork for Personal Development

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Bodywork can help you move through life more efficiently.

16+ Years of Specialized Treatments for:
Mindfulness and Somatic Education
Injury Recovery
Digestive Health
Balancing Intraoral and Breathing System
Whole Health & Wellness

I’m a musician and specialize in bodywork that supports musicians’ ability to perform and thrive in their on-stage work — a contact sport of sorts. I’m privileged to work with world-class musicians who have performed with these organizations and many more —


What People Are Saying

With her deep and empathetic knowledge of the full body, the voice, musical training, and the creative process, Katie is the ideal person to turn to for bodywork for any musician. I have done extensive work with her through the years, and she offers a calm, caring and extremely positive approach while caring for both the body and mind of her clients.
Katie is a miracle worker. She is so tuned in to the hyper-specific needs of singers. She has been such a help for me with TMJ, arthritis, and general neck, head and shoulder tension. Her intra-oral work is spectacular; I just wish I could have taken her with me!
I’ve been seeing Katie for years and always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Katie’s unique understanding of the specifics of my work makes her an especially tuned in therapist who truly listens to and hears both what you and your body are saying.
Katie is a terrific massage therapist and she was able to help me quickly resolve some vocal problems that had cropped up due to bad habits and overuse. I’m so glad I came to see her.

Wondering at the Capacity of Humans

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.

Katie Chase is an entrepreneur, musician, long-distance walker and therapist specializing in clinical rehab, especially for singers and musicians' injuries. Cracked ribs, broken shoulder blade and a traumatic brain injury sustained as a passenger in a car accident while studying at Oberlin first led her to bodywork and its profound impact inspired her to return to school to study it. Her injury, and ability to recover, sparked a life-long wonder at the capacity of humans and consciousness.

She attended The Soma Institute in Chicago and subsequently certified as a practitioner and then faculty with the Zero Balancing Health Association for whom she still teaches. She also earned an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now Presidio), a Bachelor of Music in Performance and Education from Oberlin College Conservatory, a coaching certificate from the HeartMath Institute, and is a facilitator with the CoreClarity Institute. In 2016 she walked 500 miles across Spain via the Camino de Santiago and subsequently launched WalkingKata, a holistic leadership development practice for those who want to develop skills to live and lead in 3D.


Zero Balancing

Full body acupressure to the bone, Zero Balancing balances body energy with body structure, to create a sense of calm and thriving. 

Neuromuscular Therapy

Whether you're experiencing pain from a car accident, computer use, or holding a large instrument, this is specific, clinical work that facilitates the overall system back into balance and coordination.

Intraoral  Massage and Treating the Whole Breathing System

If you're a singer or musician for whom breathing plays an important role, this work is for you. And if you grind your teeth or have had whiplash, this work is also for you. The mouth and jaw can be related to feelings of safety and ability to speak up.  

Abdominal / Belly / Visceral Massage

Calming and gentle work to improve overall health via the abdomen and digestive systems. The abdomen has its own nervous system, creates 90% of the serotonin (aka the happy hormone) and is actually the "front" of your low back...this is critical infrastructure that supports you in many ways.