Leadership is a full body, whole person endeavor.
I coach (and train) people to

  • tell compelling stories with words and actions

  • have a whole person plan for developing physical, emotional, and mental wellness

  • have a process to manage mindset and process emotions

  • find the root cause of what’s driving behavior

  • bring attention fully to the situation at hand

  • develop a self-reflective process that accelerates change and integration

  • monitor Heart Rate Coherence and improve it in moments of high-performance

  • facilitate shifts in consciousness and ability to change gears on demand

  • develop personal change management strategies

  • include the whole body/brain/mind in leadership and everything

  • use mindfulness, emotional intelligence and compassion to drive excellence

Coaching is offered via walk or Zoom.
Coaching to prep for a pitch is offered at my teaching studio.

Walking coaching sessions are often paired with a one-hour bodywork session to integrate the coaching work.

Learning and Development

Specialized Workshops to train —

Strengths-Based Leadership

Authentic Communication

Managing Yourself and Other Whole People

Bodywork sessions are often paired with a one-hour coaching.

Zero Balancing (for clients)

Full body acupressure to the bone, Zero Balancing balances body energy with body structure, to create a sense of calm and thriving. 

Zero Balancing Training (for health practitioners)

I teach ZBI and ZBII in Seattle and around the US. Contact me for more information. Upcoming classes are on the WalkingKata Training page.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Whether you're experiencing pain from climbing a mountain or recovering from a car accident this is advanced clinical work that brings the overall system back into balance and coordination.

The Breathing and Voice Systems (especially for singers)

This is delicate work with intraoral muscles and structures that can reduce headaches, effects of whiplash, falls or dental work. If you clench or grind you teeth of if you’re a musician for whom breathing plays an important role, this work is incredibly supportive. Many singers come to me specifically for this work and are bewildered they haven’t heard of it before!

Abdominal / Belly / Visceral Therapy

Calming and gentle work to improve overall health particularly digestive systems. There is as much “brain” in the belly as there is in the cranium and it plays a vital role in your overall mental and physical health. The abdomen creates 90% of our serotonin (aka the happy hormone) and is essentially the "front" of your low back. This is critical infrastructure that supports your consciousness and health.